19 December, 2008

One Perspective on the Big 3

While I'm no fan of needless simplification of complex, nuanced situations, this particular bit of imagery was still pretty funny. I don't necessarily endorse the message, but I applaud the messenger for quality satire.

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clarky pooh said...

I thought this was great

If I hear one more thing about the imminent death of the “American” auto industry I think I might puke.

They are building a KIA plant 2 hours from where I sit; it will supply 2400 new jobs (average of 47k a year)
3.5 miles from here I can visit a Hyundai plant, It is be supplied by factories all over the south
4.5 miles in all its white paneled glory I can visit a Mercedes plant that makes those SUV the youngsters seam to like so well.
The American (built by Americans) industry is kick chicken; the American (owned and managed) industry (i.e. home of the explorer, hummer, cobolt, and Malibu great pieces to be sure) is having lower sales. We also sold a lot fewer VHS players, type writers, and horse drawn buggies this year. They have a junk product that because of high labor, and legacy cost, is priced to high for what the market will bear. Free Market… sorry…. shut your doors, actually no one wants you to shut your doors, apply for bankruptcy and get out from under some of your burdens, but please don’t pass it on to the rest of us.

I worked for the Auto Industry for years; I care not for their self imposed problems.

Great faux marketing, love it.